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IQ DOOH Advertising Construction

The IQ DOOH advertising design, according to the development of the Internet of Things concept, has its own artificial intelligence, which allows it to independently recognize and analyze traffic, determine the audience's income level by car brands, clothing and accessories, see and analyze emotions, movements, gaze directions and calculate the duration of visual contact. Using this knowledge and previously gained experience, adapt in real time, selecting content and its presentation, changing the beginning or end of personalized advertising messages. This allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising, attract more attention and encourage the advertiser to perform the desired action.

The design also has an energy-saving function. It turns off automatically if there are no people and cars in its area of operation, which reduces energy consumption, saves resources and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

The received data is depersonalized and does not contain any personal data.

There are devices for analysis information, such as cameras, radar sensors, Ibeacons microphones and etc.
This data did not saved, just processed on a local computer (industrial PC on bilboard), where the stream is parsed into images and analyzed through neural network models to collect statistical data on passenger traffic and vehicle flow, such as:
· Gender
· approximate age,
· emotions - reaction to the video (smile / dissatisfaction / irritation),
· Attention - how many looked in the direction of the advertising structure from the total number.
· Approximate assessment of solvency (valuation of clothing and TLF)
Statistics only are transmitted to a remote server (clouds with a database) that allows you to understand the value of this place
Thus, the information received from the information collection devices will be anonymized and will not contain any personal data about the person!

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